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La Galleria Wows With Detail

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The interior design decor at La Galleria offers impeccably crafted detailing, but the best is yet to come.

With an anticipated Second Life® release, designers like La Galleria owner Pamela Galli, will be able to add even greater depth to their creations using meshes — highly detailed versions of sculpted prims.

That’s on the horizon and certainly worth keeping an eye out for, especially where La Galleria is concerned.

“I supply the materials my customers use in creating a beautiful home — sort of an artist’s supply store,” said Pamela in describing her design philosophy and the part she plays in her consumers’ lives. “I like working with my customers to come up with exactly what they have in mind.”

Having joined Second Life® in November 2007, she began creating furniture for her own home, discovered a superb knack for it, and soon had to expand land holdings to accommodate an ever-growing inventory of interior design items. La Galleria was born. Today the store sits on its own region.

Even while continuously developing new items, like homes and skyboxes in addition to interior decor, Pamela — a stickler for keeping things fresh — never loses sight of previous creations and her customers. She strives to provide both excellent product support and customer service. “I am constantly evaluating my things to see if there is some way to make a good thing better, so I spend a great deal of my time updating things,” she said.

While the quality provided by La Galleria is upscale, the prices are extremely palatable. In a word: reasonable. Furniture and interactive objects are menu driven and user friendly. La Galleria’s Dinner Party Kitchens and dining sets are must sees.

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